Power Transformers

JL Magnetics Co. designs and manufactures a full range of transformers for switching power supplies, especially for insulated AC/DC, DC/DC, and DC/AC power converting applications. As usual, a stable AC power source is sustained by a utility power grid. However, the commercial or industrial electronic circuitry needs to have different level voltages of DC power supplies for their application. An isolated transformer converts the energy from one level to another level and protects users from hazards or electric shock from primary AC circuit. Therefore, the power supply is widely used with the transformers in variable application.

JL Magnetics Co. has successfully developed the following transformers for different applications.

1. Flyback Converter Transformers

JL2001, JL2012, JL2013, JL2015, JL2017, JL2083.

2. Forward Converter Transformers


3. Double-ended Forward Converter Transformers

JL2026, JL2033A, JL2036, JL3010B, JL3010C, M0078-1.

4. Half Bridge Converter Transformers

JL2016, JL2038, JL2046.

5. Push-pull Converter Transformers

JL2024, JL2045, JL3002.

6. Full Bridge Converter Transformers


Design Requisitions

If you need one of the displayed transformers or need JL Magnetics to design a specific transformer, please fill out the design form and send it to us. Our design engineer will design and create prototypes of samples for your circuit test. Once you are satisfied with the samples, we can then manufacture these transformers for you.

Please contact engineerings@jlmagnetics.com for the new transformer.