Output Inductors

JL Magnetics designs and manufactures output inductors for switching power supplies such as forward converter, push-pull converter, half bridge converter, and full bridge converter. Though an output inductor seems to be simple, it dominates the power supply's dynamic characteristic, efficiency and stability. Usually an output inductor in the design stage may be modified several times in order to reach its optimal condition and circuit reasonable tradeoff. Having the correct design for the right inductor is highly crucial to the entire power supply design.

JL Magnetics Co. has successfully developed the following inductors for different applications.

JL2028, JL2034, JL2035, JL2038, JL2039A, JL2043, JL2046, JL2047, M0087-1, JL3003, JL3049, JL3005B.

Design Requisitions

If you need one of the displayed inductors or need JL Magnetics to design a specific inductor, please fill out the design form and send it back to us. Our design engineer will design and create prototypes for your circuit test. Once you are satisfied with the samples, we can then manufacture these inductors for you.

Please contact engineerings@jlmagnetics.com for the new inductors.