PFC Bias Inductors

Today, Power Factor Correction Circuit is not only required for avionic or military power supplies but also commercial power supply application. JL Magnetics Co. designs PFC inductors for PFC application with or without a boost strip circuit. The boost strip circuit can be used for auxiliary power source for reliable and efficient control power. This way, the leaking inductance can be minimized for noise and heat effects.

JL Magnetics Co. has successfully developed the following PFC inductors for PFC 15W, 55W, 150W and 400W applications.

JL2005, JL2008-1, JL2010, JL2014, JL2018, JL2019A, JL2037, JL2042.

Design Requisition

If you need one of the displayed PFC inductors or need JL Magnetics to design a specific PFC inductor, please fill out the design form and send it back to us. Our design engineer will design and create prototypes for your circuit test. Once you are satisfied with the samples, we can then manufacture these PFC inductors for you.

Please contact for the new PFC inductors.