EMI Filters

JL Magnetics Co. designs differential and common mode EMI filters for switching power supplies and especially for conduction and radiated electric magnetic interferences (EMI) in compliance with commercial CE EN55022A1, Mil 46C, or DO 160. Usually, engineers can change the capacitor's capacitance in the filter to solve some EMI problems but the improvements are normally limited and can sometimes even introduce or create new issues (filter capacitor safety). In most cases, changing the inductors inductance will be more significant.

If you can provide the AC operating frequency, the load current and switching element frequency, we can design the differentiate EMI filters L1, L2 and common EMI filter L3.

Typical differentiate EMI filters are
JL2004, JL2005, JL2006, JL2007B, JL2008, JL2015

Typical common EMI filters are
JL2002, JL2003, JL2023, JL2011, JL2022, JL2032, JL2043

Design Requisitions

EMI noise cannot be avoided but be controlled or minimized, even by switching elements of on/off dynamic characteristics. If you are considering reducing the EMI impact on your circuit, JL Magnetics can advise you on differentiate EMI circuit and common circuit designs. Our design engineer will design and create prototypes for your circuit test. Once you are satisfied with the samples, we can then manufacture these EMI filters for you.

Please fill out the design form or contact engineerings@jlmagnetics.com for the new EMI filters.